How much radiation do you get from dental x-rays? Here is a good summary and comparison:

How does food affect formation of cavities? You will find a lot of good information on this page:
If you want a detailed academic explanation of the relationship between food and dental as well as systemic disease, here is an excellent recent article: Dietary Carbohydrates and Dental-Systemic Diseases

Here is a great website for busting various myths and falsehoods: Use the search window in the upper right corner and try searching for amalgam, fluoride, etc.

Here is a link to PubMed, where you can search scientific articles for any health related information: You can search by keyword, such as “dentin sensitivity” (often a problem if you have exposed roots) or you can search by author (searching for Staninec will bring up most published articles by Dr. Staninec).

For some basic information on treatment and prevention of exposed root/dentin sensitivity: Click Here

For an outline of implant procedures: Click Here